The Triton story

Triton Business Systems was formed in 1994 by a group of computer and business product professionals with years of experience working for large corporations. These experts in office products, office furniture, systems furniture, business machines, computers and computer networks, came together to form a company that could provide a complete product mix for today's businesses. They combined the high-tech world of computers with the elaborate world of office supplies.

They all agreed, "You can't get good advice on computers from a contract stationers (not that they offered anything more technical than a diskette) and you certainly can't purchase day planners or whiteboards from your local computer geek."

They were also dissatisfied by the lack of service inherent in those large corporations they used to work for. It inspired them to adopt a small business format for their company that encourages personal service. "We say, the heck with the mega-stores! We'll provide more selection, better prices and quality service without becoming huge."

So that's how Triton Business Systems came to be. Our customers are happier, our employees are happier (and their families are happier) and you'll be happy, too. Just give us a try and let us prove it to you.